The Powerhouse Experience: Networking in the Gym

Reading a post by the blog, Late Blooming Entrepreneurs, I found myself reminded of my personal experiences in the gym (believe it or not). As one who aspires to one day become involved in the fitness industry, I found meaning in the recent post “Networking 101: Five Easy Ways to Follow Up.”

The way to better yourself is to learn. You learn through experiences. Not only your own experiences, but you can find much value in others’ also. When you learn from others’, listen to what they have to say, and actually take something away from your interactions, a relationship is formed. Not necessarily that they are now your best bud, or even your friend, but they are no longer nameless faces you see each day at the gym. They are individuals who often have the same goals as you, or have achieved something that you one day hope to.

I embrace these interactions. Powerhouse Gym: Downtown Tampa is filled with individuals who have experience in the fitness industry. Whether they are trainers, competitors, sponsored athletes, or beginner bodybuilders, I have found that you can learn something from almost anyone who takes the time to start a conversation with you and provide some of tier input.

I have had interactions with former professional athletes who, at least from my experience, turn out to be some of the nicest, supportive people. If you’re willing to listen, they’re willing to contribute something. While I will not “name drop,” I have had conversations with a former professional tennis player as well as a former NFL line backer. Both of whom had something to contribute and I have taken something away each time. Whether it be a new technique with an exercise or a motivating comment, I doubt I will ever forget these interactions.

Not only do I value these encounters, but they also provide opportunities for networking. The focus of this blog. The fact that even a simple conversation occurred, created a relationship that could one day provide valuable if it is maintained and handled properly.

In conclusion, networking can be applied to even the gym, as shocking as it may be.





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