An Odd Trio: What doesn’t mix

An Odd Trio When focusing on your body there are three major things that don’t mix:

Alcohol: It’s difficult to focus on your health when your are putting alcohol into your body. Consumption of alcohol actually is counter productive to building muscle. According to,

“Even though alcohol will greatly impact performance 25-to-48 hours after the last drink, it has longer-lasting, more indirect, effects. The reduction in quality of training and sleep in the period after its consumption, may cause a reduction in performance over the days following this period.

So it is probably best to stay away from alcohol completely when training and competing to win. Indeed, the only real way to avoid alcohol’s effects is to refrain from its use completely.” (


Lack of Sleep: Watch interviews of any well known bodybuilder. Aside from showing up to the gym, nutrition and sleep are some of the most important things that contribute to the health of your body. When one works out, muscle is broken down, giving your body the rest it needs is vital.


Pessimism: Be positive! Allowing yourself to become frustrated is as counterproductive as alcohol is to your body. Whether one is in the gym just to maintain health or to build muscle, going in with a negative attitude will not allow you to perform at your full potential!


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