The OG’s (Old School Bodybuilding)

Bodybuilding has origins that date back to the 1800’s. It has evolved radically since. However, for interests of this post, I will be focusing on what is sometimes referred to as the Golden Era of bodybuilding.

One of the most well known representatives of this era is Arnold Schwarzenegger. During this time, 1930-1970’s bodybuilding was nothing like the massive, bulky, cannonball like bodies that we see today. Instead something called aesthetics (sound familiar?) was the main proponent to bodybuilding. The symmetry, the tapered waist, the large chest and proportionate shoulders, arms, and legs were all vital to a bodybuilder’s physique. These bodies were something resembling a Greek Statue.

In my opinion, and it is one that is shared by many in this present day and age, is that bodybuilding took a drastic turn from the aesthetics to simply the size. In the photos below, this is illustrated blatantly…


Can you guess who’s who?

Arnie is on the right, illustrating the ideal classic, old school physique.

To the left of Arnold is a 4 time Mr. Olympia winner from the modern world of bodybuilding.

The differences in physiques is quite drastic…but what do you guys think? Arnold or Jay?





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